A Lesson In Bravery


“It requires bravery to do something no one else around you is doing.”

– Amber Heard

Bravery, like those that embody it, comes in all shapes and sizes. And not always from where you’d expect. And while fighting monsters (either literal or metaphorical), fighting for your life and standing up for what’s right might be obvious acts of bravery, the more subtle, smaller ones are often overlooked.

Sometimes the bravest thing a person can do, and in this case the most important person in my life, is not what many people would consider to be the “safest” or “easiest” option, but the one that’s right for them, the one choice they know deep down in their soul is what’s best for their wellbeing.

We may think outside threats or inner fears are the scariest, but we forget just how monstrously intimidating other people’s judgments and opinions can be, whether we know them or not. We live in a society that judges a thousand times faster and more often than it helps. And doing something that doesn’t fit in the “norm” can often take the most courage, to turn and face the masses and say (whether boldly or timidly) “I’m going to do what’s right for me, not the majority.”

There’s a fine line between selfishness and stagnation of the soul.