“The warrior hears someone say: ‘I need to understand everything before I can make a decision. I want to have the freedom to change my mind.’

The warrior regards these words suspiciously. He too can enjoy that freedom, but this does not prevent him from taking on a commitment, even if he does not know quite why he does so.

A warrior of light makes decisions. His soul is as free as the clouds in the sky, but he is committed to his dream. On his freely chosen path, he often has to get up earlier than he would like, speak to people from whom he learns nothing, make certain sacrifices.

His friends say: ‘You’re not free.’

The warrior is free. But he knows that an open oven bakes no bread.”

- Paulo Coelho (Manual of the Warrior of Light)

It seems to be a common mentality to want to understand everything about a situation before you feel comfortable to engage in commitment towards it, but situations are rarely ever perfect, and you will almost never be able to fully comprehend a situation, until it is too late to act.

Some people may view making a commitment as a binding of the soul, like the caging of a bird, but this is not always the case. When we make a commitment in relation to our dream, or to aid another’s dream, this can often be a very liberating and rewarding experience. Even if the dream you commit to is not your own, by helping another you can inadvertently help yourself. The universe is a cycle, when you do good it will come back to you in a different form.

It is important for all of us to feel free and happy in our lives, but if one is too free then nothing gets done. Do not make commitments arbitrarily but select them carefully, choose only the ones that will benefit you, or others you wish to help. This way you can maintain a spirit that is both free and productive.

Even the most free-spirited birds must return to the earth to rest and nurture their young. That does not make them any less free.