Stories – The Spice of Life

Every individual is made up of myriad stories. Experiences that’ve happened to them, to their loved ones or just around them. They’re running through our veins and make homes in both our conscious and subconscious minds. They effect who we become and have played a part in shaping who we are today. Not to mention the stories we’ve yet to live will also contribute in shaping who we are to become.

We know this to be true about ourselves but we sometimes forget it’s true for everyone else, and not just humans, all animal species as well. You walk down the street and have to hop out the way of an overly aggressive dog. Maybe it used to be a sweet little puppy until someone decided to use it as a stress release, or just neglected it beyond recognition. Can you still blame this victim (because that’s exactly what animals that’ve experienced physical/emotional abuse are) for being aggressively afraid of strangers?

Likewise if you meet some, whether you have recently entered into a relationship with them or a friendship, and they seem to have some ‘irrational behavioural traits’ that make no sense to you and inspire irritation or even anger without you, instead of unleashing that frustration on them and effectively poking their wound, employ compassionate understanding and realise there’s most likely a story behind it. And maybe one day they’ll feel comfortable enough to open up and tell you that story.

You can even gently ask them afterwards why they have a tendency to react in that way, but you must respect some stories aren’t ready to be told, either to you as an individual or to anyone. Some wounds are fresher than others and some take much longer to heal. Talking about them and telling those stories can be a good catharsis but some people don’t feel they’ve recovered enough strength to utter the words out loud. You must respect their right to not tell stories as well as to tell them. Maybe share one of your war stories first to help them feel more comfortable, but you must remain patient.

Stories are the undercurrent of our lives, our planet and the entire Universe. And we are all poets and storytellers whether we want to believe it or not. We tell stories every day, whether they’re about serious matters or humorous ones. Stories are the spice of life, never stop enhancing the flavour of yours.